1. No surprise that the Church of England is advocating this "Gender Identity" idea... nor should it be a surprise that any church of individual embraces this current trend.

2. It is not "irresponsibility" that any parent would allow their child(ren) to entertainment such a notion that they can determine what gender (sex) they would like to be/are. nono Call it what it is, Tom; SHEER INSANITY, which is nothing less than the expression of human depravity which Scripture calls sin; a sin against nature itself.

3. If the government was to pass a law that demanded that a parent allow their children to determine their gender and that any attempt to forbid or hinder the child's choice would be punished to the full extent of that law, then a Christian parent would have to resist such a law and be willing to suffer the legal consequences for doing so.

4. The argument, "it does the child no good if the parent is in jail, or the child taken away from them." is nothing less than Situation Ethics (a misnomer if their ever was one, for there is nothing ethical about it), which denies the supreme authority of God and His inspired, infallible, inerrant written Word, which is the sole and final authority in ALL MATTERS concerning faith and practice. Put simply, a professing Christian must obey ALL that the government demands except where it requires a Christian to do what God has forbidden. And contrariwise, a professing Christian must resist what the government forbids where it requires a Christian to not do what God commands to be done.

IMO, what we are seeing today with the way the world is going is just the tip of the iceberg in regard to morality, or better, immorality. Remember, the Light came into the world and the world hated the Light because their deeds were evil (Jh 319,20). Things are going to progress in this direction much more over the coming years. Prepare yourself now, if you haven't done so already. For, the persecution of the true Church and its true members is going to be extremely open and difficult and even where believers are put to death for their faith and refusal to compromise it.

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