Apparently because I agree with people like AW Pink on this issue, I am accused of siding with Presbyterians.
They are trying to tell me that although Pink was a Credo-Baptist, he agreed more with Presbyterians, than the LBCF on the issue.
That is news to me though, because I have studied through Sanuel Waldron's "A Modern Exposition of the LBC and it seems to be exactly in line with Pink.

Haha, now because I call myself a Reformed Baptist, a Reformed Presbyterian has come along and saiid that the terms Reformed and Baptsts are "Oxymorons" and that I am closer to being Duspensational than Reformed.
The went on to say only Presbyterians who Postmil, Theonomists and CT are Reformed.
Lol, seems like he doesn't believe a lot of the signers of the WCF were Reformed.

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