I knew that some (probably a minority) of the signers of the WCF believed in presumptive regeneration, but I was not are that the Heidleberg taught that. In all my years on The-Highway, probably the most lively debate I have seen is on the subject of 'presumptive regeneration'. I am sure you remember it. Lol
I am well aware that the term Reformed Baptist is a debated issue, even among Baptists. Many Baptists prefer to call themselves "Particular Baptists".
However, many who call themselves Particular Baptists tend to make the issue of baptism an essential issue. Where I think of it as a secondary issue. I respect and learn a lot from my Reformed Paedo Baptist brothers and sisters.
I agree with you about the Theonomist issue. We almost had a big Church split over that issue (along with the home school issue) when several large families who were into 'Vision Forum', were eventually told by the elders that it was best they leave the Church.
Many (not all) Theonomists, are quite divisive over that issue and because of that, I rarely discuss the issue with them.
The person in particular who said that Theonomy was one of the essential issues of being Reformed, I told that I would rather not discuss it, other than on my knees.
CT is 'Covenant Theology'.
Thought I would add that some "Reformed Presbyterians" only recognize Confessions such as the WCF that were made by Presbyterians as Reformed. All other confessions, are rejected as not being truly Reformed.

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