Theonomy and the WCF
Just thought of something that I would like answered.
As I mentioned in another post of mine one Presbyterian said among other things that "Theonomy' is an essential element of true Reformed theology.
My question however, is I am not aware of any of the Reformed confessions that actually deal with Theonomy at least in the manner it is being used today.
Am I correct about this?
Also, there is a sense that all Christians are Theonomists in the fact we are under God's law.
Yet, politically speaking, if I understand the issue properly, the way Theonomists believe in Theonomy only in a theocracy would it be attaiinable. With that in mind, would it be correct to say that only the proclamation of the Gospel that reaches the elect will make anyone willing to be subject to God's laws?
Am I understanding the issues properly?


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