The guy I told you about who is a Theonomist, Presbyterian, Postmill. he seems to dislike all Baptists (perhaps a Baptist hurt him?). It sounds like he does not believe we are even saved because we withhold "the covenant from our children.."
He is trying to goad me into a debate; which would be a waste of time, because of how disrespectful he is. He has even had the nerve to say that Presbyterian theology has been so diluted by " baptist theology" today that the only thing that remains is the shell of church government.
I am no expert on the WCF, but I doubt the original Presbyterians held to many of the things he does. Something tells me he would rebuke you Pilgrim for not agreeing with him concerning Theonomist and Post-Mill...
I told him I was not going to say anything to him from this point on, other than on my knees.
Pilgrim, I am telling you this because I know you are a Paedo-Baptist. However, I have never felt that you disrespected Credo-Baptists. In fact, you often speak highly of many Baptists.

That is the first thread I have been involved in where I was accused of agreeing with the WCF more than the LBCF by Baptists and then getting rebuked by a Presbyterian. I probably should just laugh about this.

Thank you.