I must apologize again for my wording.
I actually did not mean to give the impression the WCF itself taught "presumptive regeneration". Rather, if I remember correctly from that debate; proponents of "presumptive regeneration", said that many of the signers of the WCF believed in "presumptive regeneration".
At any rate, what you stated and the article you provided is helpful.

Just thought I would add that one of my motives for asking questions such as this; is because all too often I have noticed both Paedos and Credos using straw man arguements based on ignorance of the other sides views.
I am actually quite tired of this and have from time to time tried to set the matter straight even to a few Credos.
To that effect I am indebted to Samuel Waldron and his book 'A Modern Exposition of 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith'.
In it, he at times takes the side of the WCF over the 1689 LBCF; where he believes it is appropriate.


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