Goldenoldie, you write as a man with formal higher education. I'm pleasantly surprised at the response, since I was expecting the roof to cave in on me with my post about the current uproar over supposed sexual harassment. In my post, I had not included comments on the question posed by the accusations against Judge Roy Moore in particular, the girl's claim of her age of 14 when Judge Moore was supposed to have been so wicked. I've often wondered about the 'age of consent' and the variations on it around the world, and through history. My thinking runs like the following.

Who sets the standards of morality, man's changing culture, nature, or the God of nature? I've noticed the highly sanctimonious condemnations concerning the unproven accusations against Judge Roy Moore, referencing the girl's age of 14. Man's laws set ages of consent, but do man's laws define morality? All my life I've heard that the Virgin Mary was 13 or 14, in her early teens when betrothed to Joseph who was supposedly considerably older. I don't know where any age is given in the Bible for suitability in marriage and the consummation thereof. It seems to come from knowledge of the culture in biblical times. Is there an agreed upon age suitability in Christian teachings down through the centuries? Speaking specifically of the age, I've found the following in a very conservative work.

Evangelical Lutheran Dogmatics by Adolf Hoenecke (1835-1908) - Printed by Northwestern Publishing House, c2000, Wisconsin Synod Lutheran.

In Vol. 4, page 228, Dr. Hoenecke addresses suitable age for marriage and he refers to Justinian and states: "Males may marry if they have reached puberty (and females if they are sexually mature)..."

Justinian (6th Century) is quoted or paraphrased in this theological textbook written approx. 1900; and then reprinted in 2000. At least in this very conservative Lutheran viewpoint, marriage is suitable once puberty is reached. When you research the age of consent in the nations of the world, you find ages as low as 12 and 13, not considering Islamic cultures. These ages must have been set by reference to puberty, so does the Bible give another age that is the moral age of consent? I've never seen one.