I wish to clarify my short quote out of the Evangelical Lutheran Dogmatics by Adolf Hoenecke. I had noticed Senator Shelby's remark about Judge Roy Moore and his moral indignation about the age 14 in the accusation. That age is surely illegal, but I was focusing on the question of morality apart from the age of consent setting which varies from State to State and nation to nation. I had also seen a headline that read "accused pedophile" Judge Roy Moore. That is a false headline because pedophilia refers to "a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children".


But, back to the quote out of Adolf Hoenecke, I doubt anyone on this Reformed site knows the man or his work. So, let me clarify. He was German and this had been translated from German into English. Also, the section where I quoted just the statement on age, also contained the limitations of not only law, but also of parental consent which had the ultimate say on such matters. It is odd, when thinking of what constitutes "sexual harassment", a seemingly unrelated old saying came to mind: "One man's trash is another man's treasure". grin

I've written about all I have to contribute on this matter. I have been away from the Discussion Board for a good while and have been wrestling with some things in life. I hope to post in relation these things soon.