Pilgrim, I think sometimes our viewpoint and understanding of matters can be influenced by contacts and discussions with other Christians of differing understandings. Years ago I was working with a Pentecostal man who had been to a Pentecostal Bible school and he was telling me that we Christians by faith could do everything Jesus did because He did it by the power of the Holy Spirit. We have the same power of the Holy Spirit, so since Jesus was man just as we are we can do the same. He then asked me if I knew about the Theory of Kenosis, which was a new one on me. I therefore had to do some research and study up on kenosis and found it unbiblical or heretical. Maybe I am strongly inclined to the impeccability of Christ in reaction to the Theory of Kenosis. Our sin nature is never fully eradicated in this life so we can't do everything Jesus did for he had no sin nature so just from that view alone it is in error. Therefore, he had no part of his Being that could connect with a temptation, enticement or allurement such as we can. I know that is stated very clumsily, but maybe it can be understood.

Knowing Greek you can use the hardcover BDAG, I can't since I don't know Greek. So, with my computer Study Bible from www.theword.net I can have the BDAG paid module which is keyed to the Strong's numbering system. That way a layman such as myself can have access to it. As a layman with no formal theological training, I feel it is necessary to back up my statements or beliefs by authoritative sources, hence the links. I did not mean that as a challenge to you as to your scholarship, I used the link because I do recognize you are scholarly and I must appeal to authorities to relate to you and others here. But I see if I am going to quote from the digital version of the BDAG, I see I better pass it through "Notepad" first. grin