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I had not planned to post again, but I wished to comment on this post. I was rather surprised, that after 72 views, there was just one PM that has come to me from this post. But, I will say, the PM I did receive was in such a kind Christian spirit that was/is willing to try and understand the situation of a truly regenerate child of God, who finds his inherent sexual nature to be homosexual. In this day of LGBTQ activism on the extreme left, and homophobia on the extreme right, it is quite a spiritual journey to say the least, with a lot of pitfalls.

You are posting here, I'm not looking to chase you away.... I think there are some who have different inclinations..... I would like to see you overcome them, not accept or embrace them.... All I know is my indwelling sin hits right at my core..... Id like to hear about some of your life experiences that led you to this point, in all areas of life

Of course I did not pm you and have been an avid blogger condemning ssm and even ssa but calling for sensitivity TOWARD the struggler

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