No debate here........ grin All that you provided is what many other homosexuals have used to sanction their behavior and relegate it as acceptable, albeit societies throughout the world for centuries (with exceptions of course) and historic Christianity reject it as sin. We are exposed to this sin against nature itself from the near beginning of Scripture in Gen 13:13; 18:20; and the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah revealed 19:5-9. Sodom is used repeatedly throughout Scripture to refer to the unnatural act of men having sexual relationships with other, and likewise for women Isa 1:9, 3:9; Deut 32:32; Lam 4:6.

sod'-om-it (qadhesh, feminine qedheshah): Qadhesh denotes properly a male temple prostitute, one of the class attached to certain sanctuaries of heathen deities, and "consecrated" to the impure rites of their worship. Such gross and degrading practices in Yahweh's land could only be construed as a flagrant outrage; and any association of these with His pure worship was abhorrent (Ezr 2:50 f): The presence of Sodomites is noted as a mark of degeneracy in Rehoboam's time (1Ki 15:25). Asa endeavored to get rid of them (1Ki 16:10), and Jehoshaphat routed them out (1Ki 22:46). Subsequent corruptions opened the way for their return, and Josiah had to break down their houses which were actually "in the house of the Lord" (2Ki 23:7). The feminine qedheshah is translated "prostitute" in Ge 38:21-22; Ho 4:14; in Ezr 2:50 "prostitute" (the King James Version margin "sodomitess," the Revised Version margin transliterates). The English word is, of course, derived from Sodom, the inhabitants of which were in evil repute for unnatural vice.

Paul makes plain that homosexuality is an abomination for it is a sin against nature itself which God allowed due to the blasphemy of idolatry cf. Rom 1:18-32. There is NO "theological problem" in regard to homosexuality, transgenderism, transvestism, pedophilia, lesbianism, and any other sexual practice which is outside the bond of marriage, i.e., a man and a woman.

In regard to malakos BAG (489 D 2) says, "of pers. soft, effeminate, esp. of catamites, men and boys who allow themselves to be misused homosexually." and at the end, it references 1Cor 6:9, interestingly enough.

In regard to arsenokoites again BAG (109 B) "a male homosexual, pederest, sodomite"

Thus, the bottom line is simply this...... "Christian" and "Homosexual" are antithetical. The Bible nowhere condones any such behavior, but rather it condemns it and the wrath of God is upon all who not only practice homosexuality or any deviant sexual act but who give consent to such behavior (Rom 1:32). I brought up 1Cor 6:9 not simply to show that homosexuals and all sexual deviants will be cast into hell, as is clear from the text, but Paul glories over those in Corinth who had been to repentance and true faith in Christ through the Spirit, for he writes in vs 11: (ASV) "And such were some of you: but ye were washed, but ye were sanctified, but ye were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the Spirit of our God." My emphasis of the word "were" is most important for it is in the aorist tense, i.e., it is a "done deal", i.e., those who were homosexuals along with all the other types of sins committed among the people of Corinth were no longer guilty of such sins because God the Spirit had given them a new nature which first brought deep guilt upon them and the desire to repent of those sins. That repentance was accompanied by a true living faith that resulted in union with Christ. Consequently, their lives changed dramatically (sanctified) due to their justification in Him. God's wrath was no longer upon them, but to the contrary, they were adopted as sons into the kingdom of God himself. This is what it means to be saved, delivered, redeemed, etc. No one can claim to be a Christian and willfully live in sin. May God give you the ability to see these things, convict your soul deeply and grant you repentance unto life through faith in the LORD Christ.

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