Hello Pilgrim, I'll address just one important point you made, and it is critical when discussing a male who loves males exclusively. Your quote "BAG (109 B) 'a male homosexual, pederest, sodomite'" is apparently the 2nd Edition of the BAGD, but it was corrected in the 3rd Edition, 2000 BDAG and it reads on arsenokoites - "a male who engages in sexual activity w. a pers. of his own sex, pederast 1 Cor 6:9". The error of the first Edition of the RSV, which used "homosexuals" in 1 Cor. 6:9 has been corrected. The RSV 2nd Edition and the NRSV as well as the UK REB also avoid the word "homosexuals" and for very good reason as seen in the following:

Eerdman's Dictionary of the Bible, 2000 Edition: "The terms 'homosexuality' and 'homosexual' are coinages of the 19th century C.E. and have no equivalent in ancient Hebrew or Greek." page 602

Speaking of equivalency, notice: Principles of Interpretation, 1915 Ed. by Clinton Lockhart: "If a translation be used, it must be an exact equivalent of the original, or the difference must be noted by the interpreter." page 49

Many think "sodomy" and "sodomite" are the biblical equivalent of "homosexuality" and "homosexual", but that is in error also; the words being coined by the Roman Catholic Church:

"SODOMY, Middle English, from Anglo-French sodomie, from Late Latin Sodoma Sodom...first known use: 13th century"

And Anthony, if I understood your quote, I'd agree that these are man made labels or terms. It is better to drop the labels that are not biblical and examine passages to see exactly what is being condemned. Imagine if every m-f sexual sin in Scripture was merely labeled "heterosexuality" or "heterosexuals".

Pilgrim, I understand you are the head man here, so I have a proposal for you. I know from personal experience the heart ache, the heart break, when a son comes to the Christian parents and says, "I'm gay". With your 'ok', I'd like to start a Post on this subject, and we can handle the discussion in a civil and Christ-like manner. The Christmas and New Year's Holidays are a hectic busy time, so maybe after the first of the year? I'm sure I can stay civil and in a Christian spirit, if you don't 'needle' me. ;-)