1. A passage taken out of context is nothing more than pretext! scold

2. Words derive their specific meaning from the CONTEXT, both near and far, but specifically in the passage in which they are found. Thus "men" in the context of Gen 13:13 is probably best taken as a collective, which simply means ALL in Sodom were wicked people, whether they engaged in homosexual behavior or condoned it. In either case, Paul in Romans 1 includes ALL who either engage in same sex sexual acts and those who condone it.

3. In Gen 19:4 "men" must be taken as males for they are distinguished from the wider inclusion of "all the people". Then, those who were Lot's guests are referred to as "men", without question meaning the "males" who were inside the house, which is most definitely proven to be true when Lot offered his daughters "female" as their substitute in vs. 8.

4. It is sad that you will use whatever translation you think supports your erroneous claim that nowhere does the Bible condemn same sex attraction or same sex sexual deviancy. I have already provided two specific passages which incontrovertibly teach that God abhors same sex relationships which are reserved for heterosexual marriage partners. The law given to Israel condemns any such practice. The NT confirms the condemnation of such relationships and practices in the Epistles and even heterosexual sex outside of marriage. God created man (mankind) as male and female. And when Adam was created, God said it was not good that the man (Adam as representative of all males as well as mankind) be alone and thus created a woman (Eve as representative of all females) for him. God did not create another man (male) for Adam. And historically, the Church has been unified in condemning any form of extra-marital sex and specifically homosexuality long before modern godless psychology came into being. It is only in the last 50 years +/- that this entire matter of accepting deviant behavior became an issue.

5. God condemns all sin and those who refuse to repent of sin and seek God's mercy and grace in Christ will be cast into hell. Same sex romantic affections, same sex romantic relationships and same sex sexual acts are clearly sin. It is at best an oxymoron to claim to be a Christian homosexual.

6. FYI, I am not homophobic, for I do not fear homosexuals. In fact, I bring the Gospel to homosexuals perchance God will grant them repentance of their sinfulness and bring them to Christ with a true living faith in whom they can be delivered... no more nor no less than any other sinner who stands in dire need of salvation.

7. Twisting the Scripture to find justification for your sin is nothing more than sophisty. I for one will not tolerate it. And further, I will NOT permit you to promulgate your sin using the PM system on this Board. To do so will immediately result in your permanent expulsion. Those who are wanting to converse with you may certainly do so via e-mail of which I am not responsible. I will assume that I have made myself clear...... yes? scratchchin

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simul iustus et peccator

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