Your sophistry is certainly typical of those who try to eliminate the biblical teaching concerning homosexuality. And, it is insulting to those of us who are given to know the Scriptures, especially the original languages.

1. Romans 1 definitely reveals the natural rejection of all mankind of the one true living God, for they are born with a corruption, a depraved nature.

2. And because of ALL mankind is an idolator by nature, God gave them over to their depravity which is expressed in infinite ways. However, Paul, under the direct inspiration of the Holy Spirit lists some of the more abominable sins, e.g., homosexuality, which is a sin not only against God but nature itself, for He created man as male and female and ordained that they should compliment each other and enter into a marriage bond. But mankind being depraved and an enemy of God rejected that which God originally intended and exchange the nature affections (pathos) for the opposite sex for an affection for the opposite sex; female for female and male for male. Further, not only did they express a VILE affection for the opposite sex, they went even further and engaged in the original use (chresis) sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. This by definition is homo (same sex) sexuality. Try as you might, the truth is incontrovertible. No conservative Christian commentator has ever even entertained that Romans teaches that homosexual affection and particularly homosexual acts are allowed, never mind deemed "natural".

3. It is clear that the 2000 Edition of BAG has taken on a new staff which is not of God and changed various things from previous versions to accommodate the ever declining morals of society.

4. Using the "Analogy of Faith", i.e., comparing Scripture with Scripture, one who is given the Holy Spirit at regeneration infallibly knows that homosexuality and all sexual deviant behavior is condemned by God. And, as I have before mentioned, the entire Church throughout history has openly condemned such. It is only in recent years that the homosexual (taken as a term generally speaking) has taken root and succeeded in making inroads in not only society but in the visible church, which too has fallen from orthodoxy for the most part.

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Nothing in the entire Bible condemns two males loving each other faithfully including sexual intimacy. You can invent all the theological constructions you wish, but the Bible does not condemn men loving men.

Doubtless this sums up your entire position and reveals that you are still under the wrath and condemnation of God despite your insistence to the contrary. Even without a knowledge of the Bible or the Koran or any other 'holy' book, which universally condemn your lifestyle, a person naturally knows that homosexuality is wrong; a sin.

5. No one has even hinted any of the sins noted in Romans 1 should be ignored. In fact, ANY sin which is mentioned in Scripture is worth of death. Even further, IF it were possible that a human being committed not one sins, did not have one thought that was contrary to God's law nor had one single foul affection, that person would still be under the just wrath of God and condemnation for they own the guilty of Adam's sin and are worthy of eternal death and punishment.

6. Nothing in Hodge's commentary on Romans, of which I also have a copy and am well knowledgeable of what Hodge wrote supports your position. The "recompense" is the withholding of the Spirit's restraint (mentioned by Anthony already), which resulted and continues to be true is the expression of vile and abominable sins which are against nature itself, i.e., sexual deviancy; females with females and males with males which are specifically mentioned.

Lastly, I must iterate my former compassionate plea to you Ned, Pray that God would grant unto you repentance of your vile sin and a true living faith in the LORD Jesus Christ unto the remission of your sins, that you would be justified in Him and receive that new life in Christ which He Himself promised to all who would come to Him in order to be reconciled with God and redeemed in His precious blood which He poured out for all those whom the Father gave Him. Cast yourself before His mercy and plead that He call you with an irresistible calling of the Spirit unto Christ.

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