Tom, I think I know why 'Bible believing' Christian men have such a view toward an exclusively homosexual male. There are actually very few exclusively homosexual males, maybe as low as 1% and I don't believe it can be as high as 5%. But, most men when younger have had some degree of gay type feelings at times in certain situations with particular male friends. They may even have sex with a male friend and maybe more than once, but they are NOT homosexual males. If Christian, the teaching heard is hopefully the true biblical pattern, you are to be attracted girls and you are, even if you explored things with a male friend. The biblical model and pattern is you get married, have a family and love your wife. Now, a Christian man has had this when younger and because of his faith, his understanding of Scripture, he feels guilt and stops any homosexual acts. The man was never a homosexual male and so, he projects his experience onto all other males, even exclusively homosexual males, who don't have the ability to just turn off attraction to the same gender and live a normal, heterosexual life. I can read this all through sincere, godly men's views of homosexuality. Now, how strong the homosexual or bisexual drive may be, can vary among males. When I first went online 22 years ago, I purposely sought out Christian sites and especially if this situation was discussed. I remember on of the first I came across was an article by the SBC theologian, R. Albert Mohler. In his article, he scoffed, and I'm paraphrasing here, "There is no such thing as homosexual orientation, it just the sin orientation in a guy."

There used to be what were called Newsgroups, or Usenet. I sought out the Christian groups and used that approach to work out my options in life since I am 100%, exclusively homosexual in my sex/emotional life. I debated and argued with men of God online. I'd get flattened by someone's good biblical argument. That sent me to study more and usually ended up revising. It was very helpful for me because it forced me to study, BUT, and this is important, I too was fearful that we can believe so easily what we wish to be true. This is one reason I like to look at the works of older men of God, prior to the age of psychological studies in sexology. I also will avoid taking actual pro-gay studies seriously. I've read a few, and it was actually a liberal book that first tipped me off that the Greek had an exact word for a "catamite" and that is not what Paul used. Another way I attempted to keep myself between the guard rails was by knowing something about the author and his view of homosexuality. I'll give you a perfect example right here, concerning Leviticus 18:22 -

In the Tyndale Old Testament Commentary series, Leviticus, by Professor R. K. Harrison, the commentary on v22 reads:

"The regulations of Leviticus condemn certain aberrations found among the Egyptians and Canaanites, who went far towards deifying sexual activity, and assigned the title 'holy ones' to cultic prostitutes. Sacro-homosexual practices and female prostitution within the context of the cultus was probably well established throughout the ancient Near East long before the Israelites occupied Canaan. Homosexuality of a non-religious variety is poorly documented in Mesopotamian texts..." page 191

Dr. Harrison on page 192 comments about Sodom: "Interestingly enough, the Talmudic authorities placed little stress on a homosexual interpretation of Genesis 19:5, preferring instead to regard the Sodomites as having violated the normal canons of hospitality and justice (Sanhed. 19a; Bab. Bath. 12b, 59a)."

This is definitly not a "gay friendly" professor! On the last page of the commentary, page 252 he states: "For a person to think of himself or herself as a 'Christian homosexual' or a 'Christian lesbian' is a complete contradiction in terms..."

It is noticeable that I quote dictionaries, thesauruses, books on biblical interpretation, etc. I need to know I am doing my best to be as objective as possible and not breaking rules of interpretation. I got that tip from Myron Augsburger, a Mennonite scholar. He pointed out how if we have been taught a verse means a particular thing, every time we read that verse it will say the same thing to us, even if what we think it means is wrong. He gave approaches to try and give a verse a fresh examination to see if it truly is teaching what we think it is. I use the commentary web site with over 100 commentaries on it. I have some favorites there, like Matthew Poole, John Gill, who I do favor, but I'll look at the reasoning on verses from various viewpoints and try to evaluate the points made. Something I noticed when reading men from the past, especially further back like the Puritans, most of their commentary on the "sin of Sodom" is couched in the belief that it is married men, family men who do this wicked sin as Paul describes.

I'll close with a personal account. I met my companion online 21 years ago, and he had a girlfriend he planned to marry. He had told me he was bicurious and then later said bisexual. He struggled for 4 years trying to figure what direction to go, be my 'buddy for life', marry and have a family. I mean he weighed the various things, marriage provided children for his old age, marriage satisfied his culture, traditions and family expectations. Yet, he admitted he had very little to no arousal from women, and no positive emotional feelings to females. So, he was bisexual in the sense he was in middle with tradition, culture and family on one side; and me who he truly loved on the other side. So, he decided, if he married she'd be a good wife; but I'd still have his heart and that was not fair to her. Now, that is how it worked in our situation. I don't know how many views of this thread are repeat views, I am positive someone who has read these posts knows someone important to them that is dealing with the sexual defect of exclusively homosexual orientation.

Tom, it is obvious by how fast I posted these matters, I've worked at this for years and have notes. Sadly, many homosexual males just give up on the church in bitterness, or go into the mainline liberal churches. Thanks for giving me the chance to try and explain how I think things are in this situation. I oppose gay marriage, detest LGBTQ activism we see, we live a discreet life; not an 'in your face' way of living.