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NO ONE chooses their sexual orientation any more than they choose their eye color ,height, etc. If it was not man's choice, who made a homosexual male that way?
To use your argument, the Bible nowhere speaks of "sexual orientation". This is a modern psychological fabrication in order to relegate homosexuals to the "victim class", as the Liberals have done to near everything. Let me state the truth to you once again... ALL MANKIND is born in sin. The natural man loves sin and hates God, and all that is good, pure and right (Jh 3:19-21; Rom 1-3; Eph 2:1-3, 4:17-19). Your homosexual proclivity is simply one manifestation of your sin nature no less than one may be predisposed to steal, commit adultery, lie, cheat, covet another's position, wealth, etc. One FREELY CHOOSES to entertain such sinful desires and thus is singularly responsible for how they deal with them. Of course, the natural man is not only incapable of resisting such temptation but they have no desire to do so (Rom 1:28, 8:7,8; 1Cor 2:14; Col 1:21; 2Tim 3:1-5; Jam 4:4,5; 1Jh 2:15,16; et al). The ONLY cure to one's love of sin is God's redeeming grace, being united to Christ and being given the Spirit of power to overcome all sin (1Cor 10:14; Phil 2:12,13; Eph 6:12,13; Ps 124:6-8).

Lewis Smedes was a well known flaming heretic and hardly a reliable source of truth. rolleyes2

Helmut Thielicke, again yet another heretical theologian and is no purveyor of biblical truth.

You can only find writers who are outside conservative biblical scholars and who were/are enemies of God to support your sinful behavior. You have offered nothing whatsoever to defend your case and you never will for darkness will never overcome the light and the truth of God. Your love of sin is intractable and inescapable for you as a natural man are a slave of your sin with no desire to escape it. Only the Spirit of Truth can provide you with the desire and strength to overcome it by a work of regeneration. May the LORD God be so inclined to look upon you with pity and give you what you so desperately need and deliver you from the bondage which holds you before He takes your life.

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