That is a great introduction to Christianity.

I will say this though; I think most of it would go right over his head if I asked him to read it.
I might be under-estimating him; but I do not think I am. In many cases when I have asked people to read articles; the response I get back either tells me it went right over their head, or they think it is saying something other than what it actually is saying.
That is not to say this is always the case; but many seem to respond better when the article is fairly short and easy to understand. Perhaps however if I ask him to read it in manageable chunks he will understand it?
Or perhaps seeing that he seems to be convinced that he is a sinner in need of Jesus (as he put it); I might be able to skip some of the article?
Just to let you know; I am meeting him for coffee at 10:00 am on Saturday morning. Your prayers are appreciated.