One would need to climb under a rock in this day and age to not realize the issues of homosexuality, transgenderism or any other deviant acts are part of the culture of our day. The Bible is clear that such acts are in violation of Scripture and those whose who practice such deeds will be cast into hell. (Rom.1:32)
With all that in mind; I myself have fairly recently been affected by this by people I care about. One person in particular has become convinced that her previous understanding of the matter is wrong. Where once she was convinced that as a Christian she needed to leave her old life behind; where she thought she was trapped inside a female body. So she chose to obey Scripture rather than her feelings. She now has actually marched in a gay pride parade and seems to believe God is ok with her new life-style and she is more content than ever before. Her name is Olga, but now goes by Harry.
With that in mind, I know there is no silver bullet. I would like to try one more time; in the hope that I can reach her. What I have in mind; is (besides prayer, which is indispensable) is an article or small book that does not compromise Scripture; yet comes across as caring about the person. I suspect heretics got to her concerning Bible interpretation.
I also know there are a few others besides myself, who are very concerned about her.
Hope that is not asking too much; but I hope you get my point.