I was just going through the board archives, because I was looking for information on the subject of the eternal generation of the Son. I came upon The begotten God Heresy - Wed Feb 11 2009 01:48 PM by Anthony

Something was said in that thread that I have never heard before. Basically it was said that "Particular Baptists" believe the Nicene Creed is heresy.
I was a little shocked at this because although I concider myself a Reformed Baptist, others who hold to the LBCF 1689 are more comfortable using the term "Particular Baptist".
This is the first time however I have heard anyone in the Baptist camp say that the Nicene Creed is heresy. In fact, many times I have heard sermons that talk about the Trinity, refer to the Nicene Creed..
Of course the LBCF that was used by Anthony is the 1646/1647 confession, not the 1689. However, what Anthony said is a new one on me. Then again, I have heard some who hold to the 1646/1647 confession make the claim that it supports New Covenant Theology. Yet, I see no evidence that they are correct.

Perhaps someone could enlighten me on this?

I might add, that in calling the Nicene Creed heretical Anthony has essentially called Baptists such as CH Spurgeon heretics. https://www.ccel.org/ccel/spurgeon/sermons13.xxxviii.html


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