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I believe it can rightfully be said that where egalitarianism is allowed in the Church, they cease being a biblical Church.

1. Correct, it matters not whether a woman can do something better than a man. Nor, does it matter if someone benefits from what a woman does which a man is responsible to do. It wouldn't matter if the entire world would be at peace and prosperity would flourish everywhere, poverty would no longer exist, etc., etc., if it was due to women ruling the home, the church and government. God has commanded that males, men are to rule and have authority over women and children; instruct them in the way or holiness, protect them from harm and provide for them in love.

2. Correct, when a church permits a woman to serve in the office of deacon or elder, it has violated one of the cardinal and fundamental rules which God has established for the government of the Church. Some, like John Piper, and there are others of course, who redefine "deacon" to mean a position which is void of authority and thus women should be allowed to serve as deacons. However, as above, it doesn't matter if one redefines the term "deacon" in order to remove the authority aspect of the term. God has clearly revealed by the inspiration of the Spirit that MEN, males are to be deacons regardless of what responsibilities deacons have. Women are not allowed to be elders nor deacons in the Christian Church... period. Women are not to have any responsibility in leading worship in the Christian Church... period. Women are to have supportive roles and God's favor is upon them when they do and their work is in accord with biblical truth and done with joy and love for Christ.

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