Yes, got to love Spurgeon! You could never accuse him of being a tolerant Calvinist. There have been issues that I disagree with Spurgeon on such as his what I believe is overly hopeful belief that every infant who dies goes straight to heaven. Yet, even with that particular belief, I know he doesn't hold to that position just because of an emotional conviction (if I can call it that); rather I believe he believed it because he was convinced Scripture taught it. By the way, a friend of mine who used to agree with me that Scripture does not speak directly about all infants going to heaven if they die; recently switched to the same understanding as Spurgeon after he had the chance to study the subject deeper. One day, I hope to sit down with him to see exactly what it was that changed his mind.

Pilgrim, would you care to comment a little more specifically on the issue I brought up in my opening post?