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Pilgrim just to be clear when you said [quote]Faith is the instrument/means which embraces CHRIST...[\quote] were you referring to Justification by faith alone in Christ alone?

Yes. [Linked Image]

1. My point in emphasizing CHRIST... was it is popular beyond measure and it has been so for many decades, even before Billy Graham corrupted the biblical Gospel of grace, to tell people to believe that "Jesus died for you", or to believe "that He died for sins", etc., some of which, excluding the first statement of course, is certainly true. But the true Gospel points sinners to the PERSON of the Lord Christ. The believer is united to HIM and and becomes one with HIM due to His atoning work, both active and passive. Saving faith is far more than believing certain facts, even true facts about Christ. Even the demons believe the truth about God, etc. (Mk 1:24; Acts 16:17, 19:15; Jam 2:19). True faith flows from the quickening of the spiritually dead soul encompassing the whole man; intellect, affections and will.

2. And again, this same faith that unites the sinner to Christ unto justification is the very same faith which strives by the indwelling Spirit to be conformed to Christ. There is but only ONE faith which brings salvation from justification through sanctification to glorification for all eternity.

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