I am not sure this is the place to ask the following question; however I donít want to ask Dispensationalists, because I donít feel like opening up a can of worms. This is something I know all too well, sigh..

When I first embraced the doctrines of grace, I was a Dispensationalist simply because I really was not familiar at that time with other eschatological positions. Yet, even then I really was not told how they answered the following question.

In Pre-Trib Dispensationalism the rapture of believers happens before the 7 year tribulation. They also believe that during this time, many will become believers.

That being the case, since the means of grace of the proclamation of the Gospel has been taken away. How, will people hear the Gospel and repent and come to Christ?

Again, it feels funny asking Christians who do not hold to this position; but I am sure many know the answer to this question.