The reason why I thought of NT Wright, is because although like you I have not read a lot of his writing. What i do remember is him stating that most theologians do not consider the Hebrew mindset when they interpret Scripture. Unless I am mistaken, that is what the NPP is supposedly based on.

Years ago, unfortunately a pastor I had was into reading people like NT Wright and a few others. Of course, I am a kind of person who likes to understand these kind of things. Lets just say, that was the beginning of my eventually leaving that Church.
The only good thing I have heard about NT Wright is his work in proving the resurrection; which apparently is made atheist apologists no longer use that strategy against Christian apologists. I have heard presuppostional apologists quote NT Wright on that issue; even when I know they are not fans of his. Personally, in recent years when I try not to quote people that I disagree so much with, because I don't want to be responsible for letting a trojan horse into someone's life. Sorry, I got a little off topic. wink