The Apostle is particularly concerned that the Ephesian Christians should realize that all the benefits which they were now enjoying as fellow-heirs with the Jews had come to them through the gospel which he had preached, and of which he was a minister. And here he gives a wonderful picture of the Christian ministry as a divine calling. Conceivably this is perhaps the first thing the Christian Church needs to recapture at this present time.

Although Dr. Lloyd-Jones discusses the Christian ministry in the first part of this article, the main focus is upon the exceeding riches in Christ given to us. First and foremost it isn't the riches which flow from Christ's redemptive work for us, but the Lord Christ Himself Who is ours by faith. This month's article will surely stir the heart of everyone who reads it; to the believer it will cause your heart to sore in praise. For those who have not yet been united to Christ, it will reveal that which can be yours by the grace of God.

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