We must now consider an event in the life of Calvin which to a certain extent has cast a shadow over his fair name and which has exposed him to the charge of intolerance and persecution. We refer to the death of Servetus which occurred in Geneva during the period of Calvin’s work there. That it was a mistake is admitted by all. History knows only one spotless being—the Savior of sinners. All others have marks of infirmity written which forbid idolatry.

Loraine Boettner, who is best known for his book, The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination, included in it this topic which has evoked much vitriol, unfortunately from those most uninformed of the facts of history. Here, Mr. Boettner presents some of the historical facts of what happened to this man named Servetus, an obnoxious damnable heretic without question, in the city of Geneva and what part John Calvin, then pastor of a church in that city, played in Servetus' execution.

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