Erroneous views of regeneration—The correct view—The operation of faith—Exercises of mind, as illustrated in Jonathan Edwards’s narrative—The operations of faith still further explained

It is proper now to inquire, what are the precise effects of regeneration, or the exercises of a newly converted soul? As the restoration of depraved man to the image of God, lost by the fall, is the grand object aimed at in the whole economy of salvation, it can easily be said, in the general, that by this change—a principle of holiness is implanted, spiritual life is communicated, the mind is enlightened, the will renewed, and the affections purified and elevated to heavenly objects. Such general descriptions do not afford full satisfaction to the inquiring mind; and as we have taken into view many of those circumstances which diversify the exercises of grace in different subjects, let us now endeavor to ascertain, with as much precision as we can, what are those things which are essential to the genuineness of this work and which, therefore, will be found in every sincere Christian.

This month's article is by Archibald Alexander, a Presbyterian clergyman and first professor in the Princeton Theological Seminary which he helped organize in 1812.

In this article Alexander delves below the typical surface of such deep doctrines that are essential to salvation, e.g., regeneration, conversion, and faith. For those who are not particularly well read or who have not been formerly theologically trained, this article will be of immense help in learning something of the biblical teaching about 'soteriology'. But for ALL, this article most definitely has a focus upon the heart and one's self-examination to ascertain "if Christ be in you". It is one thing and a good thing to have an intellectual knowledge of these things and even more so if you can articulate them to others. But there is far more to being a Christian than having knowledge of the faith; owning a true living faith is most essential.

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