The Catholic Church presupposes itself to be Christian. Nothing could be further from the truth; yet, the Catholic Church has been ardently promoting that image, particularly since the close of Vatican Council II in 1965. A primary, non-negotiable goal of Vatican Council II was to lay the groundwork and to establish the rules and parameters for a multifaceted, ecumenical outreach. Evangelical Christians, now called “separated brethren,” rather than “heretics,” are the primary target of Catholic ecumenism. The goal is to draw them into the Roman Catholic fold. Thus, in the 1994 Catechism of the Catholic Church, the word “Christian” occurs more than 100 times in these official teachings. Buzzwords such as “dialogue,” “ecumenism,” and “social justice” are being used under the guise of promoting Christianity to advance the Roman Catholic agenda.

Richard Bennett, that well-known, ex-Catholic has written another article which seeks to determine whether or not adherents to Roman Catholics can legitimately be considered Christians. He answers this question by comparing the official doctrines of the Roman State Church with God's inspired and infallible Word, the Bible.

You can read this article here: Are Catholics Christians?.

For later reading you can access this article in the Roman Catholicism section of The Highway.

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