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I firmly believe Michael Horton would agree with all the words above and the entire article written by Thomas Boston published in 1720.

1. You can't get much better than Boston's assessment of fallen man's natural inability and unwillingness to love God, to repent of sin and to embrace Christ with a true living faith. In fact, Boston's book, Human Nature in its Four-Fold State is a classic gem.

2. YOU might firmly believe that Horton would agree with Boston, but the fact is, in the quote you provided by Horton, there is unfortunately some doubt in my mind. Perhaps what he wrote isn't as clear as it could/should be? For example, as noted in that thread, Horton wrote:

Earlier in his book, Chapter 13, Horton states, “Everyone has the natural ability to render God faithful obedience, but after the fall, ‘we are sold [into slavery] under sin’ (Ro 7:14), our moral ability held captive not to a foreign army but to our own selfishness, idolatry, greed, and deceit. ‘None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands, no one seeks God’ (Ro 3:10-11)....

The fact that we are still God’s image-bearers and consequently possess all of the requisite natural ability for relating to God and other in covenant faithfulness...

And here lies the problem I and others have:
Everyone does NOT have a natural ability to render God faithful obedience. Only Adam had a NATURAL ABILITY. But then he writes that due to the fall "we are sold [into slavery] under sin." There appears to be a contradiction here. scratchchin The Reformed Faith confessionally has always held that fallen man has no natural ability to even be inclined toward God, for his natural state is at enmity with God, i.e., he hates God and all that is righteous, holy and good.

I have always had, until recently due to Horton's promoting of the Klinean "Republication" theory of the Mosaic Law, a high regard for Michael Horton. But given the increasing departure from historic confessional Calvinism in our day of various fundamental doctrines and practices by many "notables", I think it would be naïve to accept what any professor or pastor has to say cart blanc. We must be especially discerning at the present hour and be as the Bereans, searching the Scriptures to see if these things be true.

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