How important are the doctrines of grace? Are they central to the Christian faith, or are they merely peripheral doctrines reserved for the more mature? Must a person believe the doctrines of grace to be saved? Should Calvinism be preached to the unsaved? Is Calvinism the gospel?

These are important questions. To answer them properly, we need to define what we mean by “Calvinism” and what we mean by “the gospel.” Then we need to find the answers to these questions in God’s Word.

This article deals with the perennial questions, "What is the Gospel?" and "What part, if any, of the doctrines of grace should be included in the Gospel?" Although this has been answered by myriad books, articles and even sermons, over many decades e.g., A Defense of Calvinism by C.H. Spurgeon, there is a resurgence among churches, particularly among those who identify themselves as "Reformed" to question not only if Calvinism has anything to do with the Gospel, but more so, what IS the Gospel.

It is therefore imperative that this subject be broached once again for only by and through the true Gospel are sinners saved from the destruction that awaits them. The author of this article does just that by opening up the Scriptures and setting forth the truth of the matter and its implications for the Church as well as individuals. To be sure, in its most basic form, these questions can be summarized as, Is doctrine important?

You can read this challenging article here: Is "Calvinism" the Gospel?.

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