The plain truth is, we must either keep it or break it. Which of these men ought to do, let those answer who speak of a believer having nothing more to do with Law. There is no middle way. If it be not a saint’s duty to keep the Law, he may break it at pleasure, and go on sinning because grace abounds.

The word duty is objected to as inconsistent with the liberty of forgiveness and sonship. Foolish and idle cavil! What is duty? It is the thing which is due by me to God; that line of conduct which I owe to God. And do these objectors mean to say that, because God has redeemed us from the curse of the Law, therefore we owe Him nothing, we have no duty now to Him? Has not redemption rather made us doubly debtors? We owe Him more than ever; we owe His holy Law more than ever—more honor, more obedience. Duty has been doubled, not cancelled, by our being delivered from the Law; and he who says that duty has ceased, because deliverance has come, knows nothing of duty, or Law, or deliverance. The greatest of all debtors in the universe is the redeemed man, the man who can say, “The life that I live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.” What a strange sense of gratitude these men must have who suppose that because love has cancelled the penalties of Law, and turned away its wrath, therefore reverence and obedience to that Law are no longer due! Is terror, in their estimation, the only foundation of duty; and when love comes in and terror ceases, does duty become a bondage?

“No,” they may say; “but there is something higher than duty, there is privilege; it is that for which we contend.”

I answer, the privilege of what? Of obeying the Law? That they cannot away with; for they say they are “no longer under Law, but under grace. What privilege, then? Of imitating Christ? Be it so. But how can we imitate Him Whose life was one great Law-fulfilling, without keeping the Law? What privilege? Again we ask. Of doing the will of God? Be it so. And what is Law but the revealed will of God? And has our free forgiveness released us from the privilege of conformity to the revealed will of God? ~ Horatius Bonar

Excerpt From: “God's Way of Holiness.”