This month's Article of the Month is the continuation of the series of Warnings to the Churches by J.C. Ryle. It is one which is probably at the top of the list of what Ryle wrote concerning the visible Church; "The Fallibility of Ministers". And why is this true? Because the vast majority of people who listen to pastors/ministers/elders do so without the least bit of discernment or skepticism. These men are too often put upon pedestals and looked upon in a practical way as being basically infallible. Most would never make such a suggestion about their pastor(s), but if challenged to question anything that was preached or taught it would be out of the question.

Ryle begins his subject from Galatians 2:1-6 and develops it under the following three headings:

There are three great lessons from Antioch, which I think we ought to learn from this passage.

  • “That great ministers may make great mistakes.”
  • “That to keep Gospel truth in the Church—is of even greater importance than to keep peace.”
  • “There is no doctrine about which we ought to be so jealous as justification by faith and not by observing the law.”

May the Spirit of Christ impress the minds and hearts of all who choose to read this timely warning with the urgency to keep the faith once delivered unto the saints.

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