Like many of Reformed persuasion, I actually look forward to the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.
I was on Facebook and looking at a Reformed group called ‘Table Talk’. The thread was called something to the effect of ‘Should we celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation?’ I noticed the vast majority of the posts were actually anti-Reformation in nature; saying that Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli were evil men. One in particular said that Martin Luther brought the evil of Gnosticism into the Church.
I was quite shocked that the administrators did not say anything and the only people who said anything contrary to what they were saying did not seem to be very knowledgeable.
I decided that I would at least try to find out a little bit about these accusations, before I said anything. Or rather if I say anything.
My search in Google concerning Gnosticism and Luther quickly came to a few Roman Catholic sources that were anti-Luther. After scanning them, I decided not to read them, seeing they are automatically prejudiced against Luther and the Reformation.
Searching further I again ran into many accusations that Luther was a Gnostic. One statement stuck out to me that I thought I would share here.
It said that you will not get a Protestant to admit Luther was a Gnostic and that Augustine was as well. It also went to say that all Protestants should be as well.
I went to Wikipedia and although it was helpful to show how Luther wrote against Antinominianism (which by the way some sources claimed Luther was an advocate of.) It really did not help me to find out about the claim that Luther was a Gnostic.
My search so far has lead to many hits from sites that claim that Martin Luther was a Gnostic. However, though I may have missed it, nothing from Protestant sites.
Is this a claim you have run into; because it is the first time I have run into it?


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