Let us see if we do not have reason to bless God in all our adversities. First, whatever happens to us, he so supports us that if he should touch us in good earnest with a single finger of his hand, we should be overwhelmed at the first blow. Seeing that we keep going is a sign that he spares us. Have we not cause, then, to thank him for that?

Second, when he turns the chastisements that he sends us to our benefit, he purges us so we make continual progress to the kingdom of heaven. Similarly, he lifts us high because we are too much tied to the world, so that we shall be gathered together to come to the full perfection that is prepared for us in heaven. When we see all this, do we not have reason to praise our God, even, if we are full of grief, care, fear, and doubts? It is indeed so, even if our own ingratitude hinders us. So much more, then, it behooves us to carefully note what Paul tells us here, namely, that we have reason to praise God without end and without ceasing.

If our mouth is sometimes stopped with grief, so that we seem to be barred from praising God and cannot apply ourselves freely to it, let us understand that God never shows himself so severe and rigorous toward us that he does not assuage all the bitterness that is in our afflictions so that he may draw us to himself and we might thank him and glorify him.

~ John Calvin.