This forum does not seem to be used very often; so this may or may not interest people.
I want to give answers you might expect should you critique, or question one of these Word Faith or NAR false Christians. As I do so, I will not give you ideas on how to respond to them (at least not at this time).

Often in critiquing NAR or Word Faith heretics; you might say something like the following.

1.) Question: Why is it that many who have left your movement say they went to many healing crusades and never saw even one healing?

Answer: First of all, many healings occur at these crusades. Second, if they believe they will be healed they will, if not they will not. It is tied to faith.

2.) Question: Why don’t you go into hospitals where the sick are if you have the gift of healing?

Answer: Most of us do not have the gift of healing. So if we went into the hospitals, the people in the hospitals need to believe.

In Word of Faith Movement, they believe that God heals a person through the power of faith. This teaching emphasizes that physical healing is not only possible but also promised to those who have enough faith. In this view, God is seen as a supernatural force that responds to the positive thoughts and words of believers.
They believe that sickness and disease are not from God but rather from the devil, and through faith and positive confession, believers can speak healing into existence. They believe that by declaring healing and health over their bodies and by believing in their hearts that they are already healed, they can access God’s healing power and receive physical healing.

3.) Question: Wouldn’t not being healed, lead to despair when the person thought they had the necessary faith, etc… to be healed?

Answer: The person has only themselves to blame, for not believing God. Matt. 13:57-58 says “And they took offense at him. But Jesus said to them, “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.” 58 And he did not do many mighty works there, because of their unbelief.”
Even Jesus could not do many miracles because of unbelief.
Put it another way.
Suppose a person shares with a preacher, they are addicted to sin, and the preacher informs the person that they can be liberated from their sin. Then the preacher shows how from Scripture. If the person then goes onto commit the sin again, should they hold the preacher accountable for their lack of faith?

Of course not! We should not expect anything different if, they are not healed because of their lack of faith!

These are just a few things one might expect.


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