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Posted By: Pilgrim

My Calendar - Fri Mar 06, 2009 10:16 PM

Have you noticed the "My Calendar" item on the bottom right column of your window here? Are you curious what that is all about? Here's a brief run down of the "My Calendar" feature:

  1. It's your own private calendar.
  2. To use it click on "Calendar" on the Menubar. Browse to a desired month.
  3. At the bottom of the calendar, click on "Add New Event".
  4. In the "Type" field, make sure that you choose, "Private".
  5. Enter a note for that date, e.g., anniversary (men only need this reminder, of course), wife's, husband's, children's birthday, appointments, etc.... FYI, UBBCode can be used in your event to customize text, add Smileys, etc.
  6. When the event draws near, it will be displayed in the "My Calendar" island.
  7. After you create your event, you can edit, preview or even delete it.
Again, this is a PRIVATE Calendar, i.e., only YOU can see the event; no one else can see it. grin

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