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Covid Vaccine

Posted By: Tom

Covid Vaccine - Wed Apr 29, 2020 5:41 PM

Here is a question, that I am going to be researching more.
I was told recently by a non-Christian that the vaccine they are working on is a digitalized chip. He said this is easily proved because the powers that be are not hiding the fact. He said it has nothing to do with “conspiracy theories”.
I am very skeptical and I definitely not a Dispi, however if this proves to be correct. Should we as Christians actually get a chip?
I am told it will be mandatory.

Posted By: Tom

Re: Covid Vaccine - Wed Apr 29, 2020 8:55 PM

Let me add to this; personally I believe this is just another one of those conspiracy hoaxes.

Yet, so far in my research it does seem like when and if they get a vaccine, they are trying to make it absolutely mandatory.
If that is the case, they will be opening a huge can of worms. There are millions of anti-vaxers out there.

I am not an anti-vaxer, however, if I find out the vaccine comes from aborted babies; I definitely will not be getting it.
Unfortunately both my wife and two adult daughters who are against abortion, say they would get it anyway, mainly because the babies will be aborted anyway.
That answer actually disturbed me and I had to bite my tongue.

Posted By: Pilgrim

Re: Covid Vaccine - Wed Apr 29, 2020 9:55 PM

1. By way or reminder, you have 6 hours of 'open time' in which you can edit your post/reply here. No need to start a new post/reply. grin

Originally Posted by Forum Help
What if I make a mistake in my post?
Users can edit their own posts up to 360 minutes after they are made. Where the change is substantial, it is courteous mark the post as edited so as to alert readers to the changed content. For cosmetic changes, it's better not to do so.

2. The idea that the government is going to mandate the embedding of a 'digitalized chip' is absurd. No Sense=nonsense!!

3. There are vaccines which some states, counties or cities require, typically of children attending public schools. But the majority of vaccines are not mandatory. I have only agreed to have one "shot" in MANY years and that was for Shingles. But I have never opted to have any other type of vaccine or shot for flu, etc. I am open to getting a shot or vaccine IF the consequences of not getting it are severe, e.g., meningitis, cholera, etc. It's a personal decision whether or not to opt in for such things.

4. IF one knows for sure that something contains ingredients which come from aborted babies, I can certainly understand one being opposed to use them. Some 'health and beauty aid' merchandise, e.g., shampoos, cream rinses, etc. are some examples. IF, however, one does not know the ingredients of a product, there is no guilt to be born. The 'reason' given above: "they would get it anyway, mainly because the babies will be aborted anyway." is sophistry. Just because abortion is "legal" and performed by the 1000's per day throughout the world doesn't justify partaking of something you know is immoral. I could play the Joseph Fletcher "situation ethics" role and ask, "IF your life depended upon getting a vaccine that was created in part from aborted babies, would you agree to get the vaccination?" scratchchin
Posted By: Tom

Re: Covid Vaccine - Wed Apr 29, 2020 10:28 PM

Pilgrim, I know about the 6 hour edit option.
I just thought I would add it the way I did, because I thought maybe others who have already seen my OP would notice it better this way.

I have received vaccines in the past, many as a child. One I found out recently did contain tissue from aborted babies. However, I had not idea at the time what it contained, so like you, I do not feel any shame for it.

As far as your question; I could not in good conscience get a vaccine if it contained aborted baby tissue.
Yet, when my wife and two adult children said that it still bothers me.

Posted By: Tom

Re: Covid Vaccine - Sun May 03, 2020 6:29 PM

Concerning chip vaccines and the truth behind them. Like you, I do not believe it will happen.

One of the people who believe it will however says it is indeed possible with more research and provided the following link as proof.

Posted By: Pilgrim

Re: Covid Vaccine - Sun May 03, 2020 10:44 PM

The issue was/is whether a government will mandate "chips" be engrafted into a person's body to combat such diseases as this COVID19. As long as conservatives are in power, such extreme 'laws' will be near impossible to pass. If nothing else, just for the sake of argument, should Liberals gain control of both houses and the presidency, and pass a 'law' that every individual living in the U.S. MUST have this chip ingrafted into their body, it would be practically impossible to enforce this law... and, it would be met with serious opposition.

The possibility of technology being able to manufacture such things is an entirely different matter.
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