In light of the terrorist attack that happened in Las Vegas, I have been increasingly noticing in the news about many of the victims being cyber-bullied by conspiracy theorists.
One particular man from a town nearby where I live, who got a concussion from a bullet that grazed his head tells his story of how he has recently needed to shut down all his online accounts; because of these conspiracy theorists. Many of the messages he received said they hope he gets shot in the head for real.
Apparently this kind of thing has been happening since Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.
Many have been getting social scorn that are associated with that event.
We have discussed the Sandy Hook shooting on this forum before and I don't claim to know the truth behind that matter or other events similar. However, if it is all just a conspiracy, then it is wide range of supposed victims are all part of the agenda.
Do not get me wrong, it is fairly obvious the left and their agenda are in play in society.
Not really sure what to make of all this.