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Introducing The Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine

The best indoor rowing machine is the Concept2 Model D, which has increased in popularity among the Crossfit community. In fact, it is one of the most popular cardio machines used within the community. Units can be linked together, which makes the machine a good choice for rowing team training, and it uses air resistance. This machine is designed to last for a lifetime and it costs under $1,000.

The Model D is known for its durability and it's unlimited resistance, as well as it's engaging programming. It is made with stainless steel and each stroke is met with air resistance. The more intensity the rower uses, the more the air resistance will increase.

It can be altered with a damper too. It doesn't matter what training level an athlete is at, the Model D is a good choice. Plus, it is very affordable. This is another reason why we have chosen it as one of the best rowing machines of the year.

PM5 is the performance monitor that is part of the machine, and this is where you'll find programmed workouts and rowing games. It tracks calories burned, distance and pace, and the data it tracks can be transferred to your other devices via a USB flash drive or you can do it wirelessly. PM5 supports the machine's ability to monitor the heart rate and it supports machine to machine racing.

Light gray and black are the two colors it is available in. With that said, by now you may be wondering if you should buy the Model D, and if you are, then you should know about some of its main features. Below are a few of the features that make it the best rowing machine around.

1. Made In America And Easy To Assemble- The machine is made in America. In fact, their headquarters is based in Vermont. Furthermore, it should only take you about 30 minutes to assemble the Model D. Putting it together is easy, so don't worry about struggling with assembling it.

2. Air Resistance- It uses air resistance and you can change the feel of the stroke by adjusting the airflow. The more intensity you use, the more resistance you will be meant with. This machine is perfect for rowers at all training levels.

3. Performance Monitor- The PM5 is what truly sets the Model D apart from other machines. It is easy to use, but it offers you games, session feedback and it includes various types of workouts. As previously mentioned, you can easily transfer your workout data to your other devices.

4. Optional Slides And Ergonomic Handle- You can purchase slides to go along with the machine, and this will stimulate rowing on water. Also, the machine features an ergonomic handle. This will provide you with a more natural rowing position.

Do you want an amazing rowing machine? Do you want to own one of the best machines around? If so, then purchase the Concept2 Model D rowing machine today.

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