Eschatology - Doctrine of Last Things

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"Covenant Theology vs. Dispensational Theology" - Chart
"Evaluating Premillennialism" - Cornelis P. Venema
"What About Revelation 20?" - Cornelis P. Venema
"The History of Chiliasm" - William Masselink
"Erroneous Interpretation of Prophecy" - William Masselink
"A Defense of (Reformed) Amillennialism" - Prof. David J. Engelsma
"Amillennialism" - Anthony A. Hoekema
"A Present or Future Millennium?" - Kim Riddlebarger
"Why Not Postmillennialism?" - Lewis Neilson
"A Brief Theological Analysis of Hyper-Preterism" - Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr.
"The Allurement of Hymenaen Preterism: The Rise of ‘Dispensable Eschatology’" - Jim West
"Modern Dispensationalism and the Doctrine of the Unity of Scripture" - Oswald T. Allis
"Dispensationalism and the Bible" - Jon Zens
"A Study of Dispensationalism" - A.W. Pink
"Dispensationalism - A Reformed Evaluation" - Ligon Duncan
"The Scofield Bible, Dispensationalism and The Salvation of the Jews"
"The Best Things Reserved for Last (1Peter 1:4)" -Thomas Brooks
"What is Literal Interpretation?" - Vern Poythress
"Do the Flames Ever Stop in Hell?" - Jon Zens
"Jonathan Edwards on Heaven and Hell" - John H. Gerstner
"The Morality of Everlasting Punishment" - Mark R. Talbot
"The Positive and Explicit Nature of Christ’s Teaching Concerning Eternal Punishment"
"Evangelical Annihilationism in Review" - J.I. Packer
"Annihilationism" - B.B. Warfield
"The Different Portions of Man After Death" - Wulfert Floor
"The State of Man After Death and the Resurrection" - A.A. Hodge
"Immortality" - Loraine Boettner (Book)
   1. Physical Death
   2. Immortality
   3. The Intermediate State NEW
"The Last Judgment: An Exposition of the LBCF XXXII" - Bob Gonzales
"The Rapture" - Ralph Woodrow
"The Rapture" - Everett I. Carver
"Matthew Twenty-Four" - Ralph Woodrow
"Prophesy and the Israeli State" - John Wilmot
"Are Restoration Prophesies Being Fulfilled Today?" - William Hendriksen
"What is the Meaning of Israel?" - William Hendriksen
"Proof of a Separate State of Souls Between Death and the Resurrection" - John Wilmot
"Paul's Theology of Israel's Future" - Lee Irons
"The Millennial Reign" - Philip Edgecumbe Hughes
"The ‘Coming’ and its Precursors" - Dr. Geehardus Vos
"Prophetic Fulfillment in the New Testament" - Lewis Neilson
"An Alarm to Sinners or The Last Great Change" - Thomas Watson
"Standing Before God" - Augustus Toplady
"Jonathan Edwards's End of Creation: An Exposition and Defense" - Walter Schultz

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