Why I Believe in God - Cornelius Van Til

Reformed Theology and Six Day Creation - Kenneth Gentry

The Length of the Days in Genesis 1 - Kenneth Gentry

Hebrews 11:1-3 on Six-Day Creation - G.I. Williamson

A Defense of Six-Day Creation - G.I. Williamson

Bruce Waltke: Another Theistic Evolutionist Comes Out of the Closet - Dr. Paul M. Elliott

The Flood: Fact or Fiction? - Clifford Wilson

Gods Creating Gods - Clifford Wilson

The Origin, Essence, and Purpose of Man - Herman Bavinck

The Word of God and Science - John De Vries

Creativity and the Value of Work - Udo Middelmann

The Case Against Evolution - Henry M. Morris

The Testimony of Geologic History - Henry M. Morris

Response to the Old-Earth Advocacy of Modern Reformation Magazine - John K. Reed

Jonathan Edwards's End of Creation: An Exposition and Defense - Walter Schultz

B.B. Warfield on Creation and Evolution - Fred Zaspel

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