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Open Forum
Thu Jan 21, 2021 12:15 AM
1. Consider the source.
2. The Dutch Reformed Churches, at least the majority of them for there are exceptions, e.g., Joel Beeke (Heritage Reformed Church), have little love for the Puritans due to their emphasis on the "soul", i.e., sanctification of the believer and their assurance.
3. The "New Calvinist Movement" is not to be taken as a source of an expression of Edwardianism. The entire movement is bankrupt in too many areas of both doctrine and especially life. And John Piper is doubly guilty of distorting Edwards when he claims that his "Christian Hedonism" is Edwardian.
4. Admittedly, I am no "scholar" on Jonathan Edwards, but I'm no imbecile either. I've read enough to know that Edwards' doctrine of God and justification is biblically sound and consistent with the Westminster Standards. This type of scandalous rhetoric is not a rare thing, unfortunately. A good example of this type of attack on the orthodoxy of notable people is Dr. R.T. Kendall's Calvin and English Calvinism in which he claims that John Calvin did not believe in a Limited/Definite Atonement. Fortunately, many took Kendall to task and in particular Paul Helm did this most thoroughly in his counter book Calvin and The Calvinists.
5. IMO, what is needed today is MORE Jonathan Edwards to combat the heresy, immorality and worldliness which the majority of evangelical and Reformed churches are guilty of embracing in so many areas. Edwards was spot on in his Religious Affections which is an antidote for today's "Easy Believism" and openly sinfulness of the modern church.
6. To accuse Edwards of "Pietism" is not only unwarranted by inaccurate. Was Edwards a "Pietist"... yep. He took James 2:26 most seriously and thus, one's profession of justification is justified by one's sanctification; faith without works is dead. R. Scott Clark uses the word Pietist in a pejorative way, albeit he does admit that pietism is not uniformly a bad thing. The hyper-Pietists, e.g., J.C. Philpot, Brother Andrew, Harrington, et al killed one's soul by demanding that one have a constant spiritual experience that measured up to their own fabricated example of true piety. The result was and continues to be a morbid introspection which in too many cases leads to spiritual depression (see Martyn Lloyd-Jones' book of the same title) and a total lack of assurance because no one could possibly measure up.

Bottom line for me..... I will continue to read and enjoy the writings of Jonathan Edwards despite what some Acadamiac thinks. Remember what I have written here myriad times over... The vast majority of heresies which have assaulted the Church have come from so-called scholars, professors, teachers and pastors. Yes, heresy most always originates from within the Church, not from without. And please, do not misconstrue this to mean that I am labelling R. Scott Clark as a heretic. But I am saying he is in error concerning Jonathan Edwards' beliefs and theology.
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Theology Discussion Forum
Sun Jan 17, 2021 3:35 PM
Welcome to The Highway, Dave. Glad that you have made your way here. I have been a member on The Highway for many years and was slow at first to enter into the discussions. Since that time, I have made up for that with posts. However, I have learned that online posting has its limits as we cannot see each other or listen to the tone of voice. Patience and humility go a long way to peaceably carrying on a discussion here. Where there are touchy subjects, we do not avoid them but urge great caution in approaching those so that we do not set fire to dry tinder and destroy all hopes of constructive discussion. I do not wish to lecture you. I merely am passing on my observations from having been a member here for many years.

James 1:19-20 (ASV) 19 Ye know [this], my beloved brethren. But let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: 20 for the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.
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Open Forum
Sun Jan 17, 2021 2:56 PM
Amen. Pilgrim. As the old preacher, Rev. R. G. Lee said in his sermon of the same title, there’s a “Payday Someday.”
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Open Forum
Sun Jan 17, 2021 2:50 PM
I am so thankful for The Highway and your commitment to stand for Truth in these dark times. May God continue to richly bless this ministry.
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Sun Jan 17, 2021 11:55 AM
Calvin's Commentary
Hebrews 4:15 For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.

15. For we have not, etc. There is in the name which he mentions, the Son of God, such majesty as ought to constrain us to fear and obey him. But were we to contemplate nothing but this in Christ, our consciences would not be pacified; for who of us does not dread the sight of the Son of God, especially when we consider what our condition is, and when our sins come to mind? The Jews might have had also another hindrance, for they had been accustomed to the Levitical priesthood; they saw in that one mortal man, chosen from the rest, who entered into the sanctuary, that by his prayer he might reconcile his brethren to God. It is a great thing, when the Mediator, who can pacify God towards us, is one of ourselves. By this sort of allurement the Jews might have been ensnared, so as to become ever attached to the Levitical priesthood, had not the Apostle anticipated this, and showed that the Son of God not only excelled in glory, but that he was also endued with equal kindness and compassion towards us.

It is, then, on this subject that he speaks, when he says that he was tried by our infirmities, that he might condole with us. As to the word sympathy, () I am not disposed to indulge in refinements; for frivolous, no less than curious, is this question, “Is Christ now subject to our sorrows?” It was not, indeed, the Apostle’s object to weary us with such subtleties and vain speculations, but only to teach us that we have not to go far to seek a Mediator, since Christ of his own accord extends his hand to us, that we have no reason to dread the majesty of Christ since he is our brother, and that there is no cause to fear, lest he, as one unacquainted with evils, should not be touched by any feelings of humanity, so as to bring us help, since he took upon him our infirmities, in order that he might be more inclined to succor us. 78

Then the whole discourse of the Apostle refers to what is apprehended by faith, for he does not speak of what Christ is in himself, but shows what he is to us. By the likeness, he understands that of nature, by which he intimates that Christ has put on our flesh, and also its feelings or affections, so that he not only paroled himself to be real man, but had also been taught by his own experience to help the miserable; not because the Son of God had need of such a training, but because we could not otherwise comprehend the care he feels for our salvation. Whenever, then, we labor under the infirmities of our flesh, let us remember that the Son of God experienced the same, in order that he might by his power raise us up, so that we may not be overwhelmed by them.

But it may be asked, What does he mean by infirmities? The word is indeed taken in various senses. Some understand by it cold and heat; hunger and other wants of the body; and also contempt, poverty, and other things of this mind, as in many places in the writings of Paul, especially in 2 Corinthians 12:10. But their opinion is more correct who include, together with external evils, the feelings of the souls such as fear, sorrow, the dread of death, and similar things. 79

And doubtless the restriction, without sin, would not have been added, except he had been speaking of the inward feelings, which in us are always sinful on account of the depravity of our nature; but in Christ, who possessed the highest rectitude and perfect purity, they were free from everything vicious. Poverty, indeed, and diseases, and those things which are without us, are not to be counted as sinful. Since, therefore, he speaks of infirmities akin to sin, there is no doubt but that he refers to the feelings or affections of the mind, to which our nature is liable, and that on account of its infirmity. For the condition of the angels is in this respect better than ours; for they sorrow not, nor fear, nor are they harassed by variety of cares, nor by the dread of death. These infirmities Christ of his own accord undertook, and he willingly contended with them, not only that he might attain a victory over them for us, but also that we may feel assured that he is present with us whenever we are tried by them.

Thus he not only really became a man, but he also assumed all the qualities of human nature. There is, however, a limitation added, without sin; for we must ever remember this difference between Christ’s feelings or affections and ours, that his feelings were always regulated according to the strict rule of justice, while ours flow from a turbid fountain, and always partake of the nature of their source, for they are turbulent and unbridled. 80
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Theology Discussion Forum
Sat Jan 16, 2021 12:17 PM
It is a sin to judge a person's motives. Which you seem to be engaged in.
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Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:31 PM
It befits the servants of God in every age to observe the public events of their own day and to compare them with the predictions of unfulfilled prophecy. There is nothing commendable in an ignorant indifference to contemporary history. The true Christian should rather watch the career of governments and nations with a jealous watchfulness and hail with gladness the slightest indication of the day of the Lord being at hand. The Christian who cannot see the hand of God in history, and does not believe in the gradual movement of all kingdoms towards the final subjection of all things to Christ is as blind as the Jew!

~ J.C. Ryle (from his commentary on Luke, Chapter 12)
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Theology Discussion Forum
Fri Jan 08, 2021 11:40 AM
If the Reformers and Protestants were right, the Papacy is the Antichrist (counterfeit Christ). And this would also mean that Catholics embrace a counterfeit Christianity that cannot save. In fact, any "free will" salvation is no different from theirs, resting on the same principles.
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Theology Discussion Forum
Fri Jan 08, 2021 11:35 AM
People who must "choose" to believe don't believe but force themselves to give mental assent. Salvation is an experience that causes you to believe. Just as sitting in a chair needs no decision to believe that you are.

Faith (evidence, substance) is a fruit of the Holy Spirit that causes saved people to believe.
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Theology Discussion Forum
Thu Jan 07, 2021 11:16 AM
Sorry. But for your info, scripture teaches degrees of suffering in hell as it does degrees of reward in heaven. Here's a couple of passages to consider; There will be degrees of punishment Mk 12:40 pp Lk 20:47 See also Mt 11:22,24; Lk 12:47-48

Manser, M. H. (2009). Dictionary of Bible Themes: The Accessible and Comprehensive Tool for Topical Studies. London: Martin Manser.
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Theology Discussion Forum
Wed Jan 06, 2021 5:48 PM
Jesus preached Amillennialism in his gospel of the Kingdom. So the best place to grasp a deeper understanding is in a search of the 4 gospels for the characteristics of the Kingdom. It is one reason why the Pharisees rejected him. They expected the physical Millennial Kingdom based on a literal reading of the Kingdom Prophecies. Many do the same today.

But a physical kingdom did not show when Daniel said it would. It was instead a spiritual and hidden from all but the born-again.

So it remains hidden to all but the born-again even today.

Peter preaches the Amillennial gospel of the Kingdom at Pentecost where we can glean the details.
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Theology Discussion Forum
Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:08 PM
Thanks. I agree.
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Theology Discussion Forum
Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:10 PM
I see it more as a symbolic way to spot the non-elect. Not that it is possible for the elect to do this.
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Tue Jan 05, 2021 11:50 AM
If you study Acts you will find that only the Apostles had the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which included the Charismatic gifts. Called the signs of an Apostle. They alone spoke in tongues along with those they laid their hands on. Peter was present at the gentile outpouring linking him to that event.

The first clue that today's gifts are fraudulent comes from Paul when he says understanding what is said edifies. He then says those who speak in tongues edify themselves. This can only mean they understood what they were saying. None of today's "tongue speakers" know what they are saying.
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Open Forum
Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:19 AM
Originally Posted by Tom

Strong Statement


But, strong or not... it is true and needed to be said, IMO. It's about time someone has the courage to speak the truth, at least in defense of Christ and His "Bride". BigThumbUp
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Open Forum
Sun Jan 03, 2021 11:56 PM
Jump to new posts Re: TULIP [by Tom]

Thanks, the Canons of Dordt were one of the documents I referred to and I did not get a response. Still trying to understand where they are coming from in thinking what I said about "irresistible grace" supports "free will". Funny thing though, I suspect that because I did not actually mention TULIP, they did not recognize me talking about "irresistible grace".

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What's New on The Highway website?
Fri Jan 01, 2021 12:39 PM
It was much due to Susan, a member here in asking about an issue concerning the Trinity that motivated me to choose Dr. Bavinck's article, "The Divine Trinity" for this month's new year Article of the Month. It is one of major pillars of truth that upholds the biblical Christian faith.... thank you, Susan! grin

Bavinck concludes his article with the following words which is a nice summary of all that he wrote beforehand:

Thus the confession of the trinity is the sum of the Christian religion. Without it neither the creation nor the redemption nor the sanctification can be purely maintained.

Every departure from this confession leads to error in the other heads of doctrine, just as a mistaken representation of the articles of faith can be traced back to a misconception of the doctrine of the trinity. We can truly proclaim the mighty works of God only when we recognize and confess them as the one great work of Father, Son, and Spirit.

In the love of the Father, the grace of the Son, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit is contained the whole salvation of men.

This is NOT a dry, academic, philosophical, speculative article on the doctrine of God. nope Rather, it is one that is more pastoral in nature and design through seeking truth of God's own self-revelation found in Scripture. And, then seeing how this doctrinal truth applies to every aspect of life for the Christian. I am confident that you will be blessed and it will be instrumental in your growth into the image of the Lord Christ.

Rom 12:2 "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."

Colossians 1:9-23 (ASV) "9 For this cause we also, since the day we heard [it], do not cease to pray and make request for you, that ye may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, 10 to walk worthily of the Lord unto all pleasing, bearing fruit in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God; 11 strengthened with all power, according to the might of his glory, unto all patience and longsuffering with joy; 12 giving thanks unto the Father, who made us meet to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light; 13 who delivered us out of the power of darkness, and translated us into the kingdom of the Son of his love; 14 in whom we have our redemption, the forgiveness of our sins: 15 who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation; 16 for in him were all things created, in the heavens and upon the earth, things visible and things invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers; all things have been created through him, and unto him; 17 and he is before all things, and in him all things consist. 18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence. 19 For it was the good pleasure [of the Father] that in him should all the fulness dwell; 20 and through him to reconcile all things unto himself, having made peace through the blood of his cross; through him, [I say], whether things upon the earth, or things in the heavens. 21 And you, being in time past alienated and enemies in your mind in your evil works, 22 yet now hath he reconciled in the body of his flesh through death, to present you holy and without blemish and unreproveable before him: 23 if so be that ye continue in the faith, grounded and stedfast, and not moved away from the hope of the gospel which ye heard, which was preached in all creation under heaven; whereof I Paul was made a minister."

You can go immediately to this month's article by clicking here: The Divine Trinity.

Or, to read it at a more convenient time, just visit The Highway website and click on the "Article of the Month" logo. There you will find not only this month's article but all past Articles of the Month.

In His service and grace,
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Thu Dec 31, 2020 11:03 PM
Our sea may sometimes be stormy, but we have an infallible Pilot, and shall infallibly gain our port

“I heartily sympathize with you in your complaints, but I see you in safe hands. The Lord loves you, and will take care of you.

He who raises the dead can revive your spirits when you are cast down. He who sets bounds to the sea, and says ‘Hither to shalt thou come, and no further,’ can limit and moderate that gloom which sometimes distresses you.
He knows why He permits you to be thus exercised. I cannot assign the reasons, but I am sure they are worthy of His wisdom and love, and that you will hereafter see and say, ‘He has done all things well.’

If I was as wise as your physician, I might say a great deal about your melancholy complexion; but I love not to puzzle myself with second causes, while the First Cause is at hand, which sufficiently accounts for every phenomenon in a believer’s experience. Your constitution, your situation, your temper, your distemper, all that is either comfortable or painful in your lot, is of His appointment.

The hairs of your head are all numbered; the same power which produced the planet Jupiter, is necessary to the production of a single hair; nor can one of them fall to the ground without His notice, any more than the stars can fall from their orbits. In providence, no less than in creation, He is maximus in minimis (‘the greatest in the smallest’).

Therefore, fear not, only believe. Our sea may sometimes be stormy; but we have an infallible Pilot, and shall infallibly gain our port.

~ John Newton.
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Theology Discussion Forum
Wed Dec 30, 2020 11:59 PM

I believe he was pretty clear he was not a "hyper-Calvinist", in the quote I gave you.

He does not act in their lives to make them do evil, of course, but He does positively harden them. "Hardens" is a present, active, indicative verb in Romans 9, and there is no reason to assume it pertains to just some reprobates.

I did not say this earlier, because I did not think it was relative to this discussion. He actually called himself a "high Calvinist"; though he also said he does not believe these terms are helpful.
He also said he agrees with the Supralapsarian view of James White.

I did do some research into what James White believes and from what I read, he calls himself a modified Supralapsarian, similar to the views held by Robert Reymond.

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Theology Discussion Forum
Wed Dec 30, 2020 6:52 PM
Quickly, the lady in the class is correct. The teacher's response is erroneous. Why? Man was created with both body and soul. The separation of the soul from the body is a temporary anomaly until the eschaton where the souls of the saints will be rejoined to their new spiritual body. The saints in heaven know this too for they cry out, Revelation 6:10 (KJV) "10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?" And, Romans 8:20-23 (ASV) "20 For the creation was subjected to vanity, not of its own will, but by reason of him who subjected it, in hope 21 that the creation itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the liberty of the glory of the children of God. 22 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. 23 And not only so, but ourselves also, who have the first-fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for [our] adoption, [to wit], the redemption of our body."

The name for the human nature of the incarnate Christ, i.e., Jesus, wasn't given to Him until His inception (cf. Matt 1:21-25). God the Son wasn't joined to the human Jesus before the incarnation. The soul belongs to humans and is NEVER joined to deity. This is a perfect example of the "confusion of the two natures":

Therefore, following the holy fathers, we all with one accord teach men to acknowledge one and the same Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, at once complete in Godhead and complete in manhood, truly God and truly man, consisting also of a reasonable soul and body; of one substance with the Father as regards his Godhead, and at the same time of one substance with us as regards his manhood; like us in all respects, apart from sin; as regards his Godhead, begotten of the Father before the ages, but yet as regards his manhood begotten, for us men and for our salvation, of Mary the Virgin, the God-bearer; one and the same Christ, Son, Lord, Only-begotten, recognized in two natures, without confusion, without change, without division, without separation; the distinction of natures being in no way annulled by the union, but rather the characteristics of each nature being preserved and coming together to form one person and subsistence, not as parted or separated into two persons, but one and the same Son and Only-begotten God the Word, Lord Jesus Christ; even as the prophets from earliest times spoke of him, and our Lord Jesus Christ himself taught us, and the creed of the fathers has handed down to us.

I would have to guess that this teacher would also reject the Creed of Chalcedon too?
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Open Forum
Wed Dec 30, 2020 12:02 PM
Dr. Paul Elliott has made available a series of articles on the Challenges to the 21st-Century Church. The first three are currently available and are accessible from the links below. I have found them very interesting and insightful. As with all non-biblical writings... read with discernment. grin

Challenges to the 21st-Century Church: Everything Old Is New Again

Challenges to the 21st-Century Church: Radical Environmentalism

Challenges to the 21st-Century Church: The So-Called LGBT Agenda
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Open Forum
Mon Dec 28, 2020 8:51 PM
Originally Posted by Tom This particular article although does not mention “Theonomy”. It does mention something that is common in those circles. I am talking about an over emphasis of “special revelation” at the expense of “general revelation”

I would like to see one or more examples of "an over emphasis of 'special revelation' at the expense of 'general revelation'."
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Theology Discussion Forum
Mon Dec 28, 2020 4:59 PM
There are times that someone reads what someone else has written on a subject and misunderstands what they wrote. And upon that misunderstanding they voice an objection and strongly disagree. Now, I do NOT think that Jonathan Edwards nor Robert L. Dabney are infallible. But I do know personally, that those men's writings are not the easiest to comprehend.... know what I mean? grin

Now, with the possibility that this teacher isn't understanding what he read (I suspect he is more influenced in his opinion by the critics of either/both of those men which are floating around the Web), there is still the serious issue in his rejection of the Nicene Creed and perhaps the Athanasian Creed as well. Orthodox Christianity (not referring to Greek Orthodox or Russian Orthodox) has overwhelmingly gave a thumbs up to those creeds as being biblically sound. And personally, my reading of those creeds, agrees with that conclusion.
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