I'm reading a biography of Jonathan Edwards, and believe it or not, there is some good stuff in here. I came across this yesterday in my reading, and it really hit me as truth and reminded me of how much we need God in every single aspect of our lives. This is Edwards from Part 4 of his Thoughts Concerning the Present Revival.<br><br>"What a poor, blind, weak and miserable creature is man, at his best estate! We are like poor helpless sheep; the devil is too subtle for us. What is our strength! What is our wisdom! How ready are we to go astray! How easily are we drawn aside into innumerable snares, while in the mean time we are bold and confident, and doubt not but we are right and safe! We are foolish sheep in the midst of subtle serpents and cruel wolves, and do not know it. Oh how unfit are we to be left to ourselves! And how much do we stand in need of the wisdom, the power, the condescension, patience, forgiveness, and gentleness of our good Shepherd!"<br><br>Quoted from Jonathan Edwards, A New Biography by Iain H. Murray<br>