Passing on some quotes and encouragement for pastors.<br>Susan<br><br> <br>"He that can toy with his ministry and count it to be like a trade, or like any other profession, was never called of God. But he that has a charge pressing on his heart, and a woe ringing in his ear, and preaches as though he heard the cries of hell behind him, and saw his God looking down on him--oh, how that man entreats the Lord that his hearers may not hear in vain!"<br>(Charles H. Spurgeon) <br><br>"I always say to young fellows who consult me about the ministry, 'Don't be a minister if you can help it,' because if the man can help it, God never called him. But if he cannot help it, and he must preach or die, then he is the man." (Charles H. Spurgeon) <br><br><br>