Please accept my deepest apologies for calling you Kevin. This was my error and I admit I made a mistake. I will try to be more careful in the future.

Did you open your Bible to Paul's letter to the Ephesians and read the passage I cited paying close attention to the pronouns Paul used to describe who he was talking about and who he was talking to?

If you did, then maybe you will see my point. If you did not, then you will have to wait. It would not be fair for me to ask "Joe" to answer a question and then not give him time to answer it. Nor, should I go back on my word.

I will give "Joe" ample time to answer my question. If I don't hear back from him within a reasonable amount of time, I can only assume he is avoiding answering the question. This constitutes a "breach" of the "contract" between him and myself. At which time, I will no longer be held to what I told you earlier about waiting for "Joe" to answer.

Then, I intend to put the topic of this private message on the discussion board for open discussion. However, I cannot guarantee you will ever see it, since as I have just found out, a moderator can delete items placed on the board.

Again, please accept my apology for calling you Kevin. It was an honest oversight of mine and in no way was intended to offend you.