Greetings Carlos,

I didn't see your question, yesterday. Please pardon my tardiness in answering. Since I'm not a expert on all the features of this website, let me copy your question the old fashioned way with control/copy and control/paste.

" appears that we, Charles Hodge, Peter O'brien, John Calvin, William Hendrisksen, and the vast number of other trained exegetes have been wrong, as it appears in your view."

To His glory, God hides things. Jesus spoke in parables to the multitudes, but later revealed the meanings of the parables to His disciples. Many of His parables are left unexplained in Scripture.

God chooses to reveal His secrets to whomever He pleases, whenever He pleases and however He pleases.

I can't answer your question as to why God did not reveal His teachings to the men you mentioned and can only suggest you search the Scriptures as the ancient Bereans did.

One place I have found is Acts 7:35, which I think may explain why God chose Moses.

"This Moses whom they rejected saying, 'Who made you a ruler and a judge?' is the one God sent to be a ruler and a deliver by the hand of the Angel who appeared to him in the bush." NKJV

My understanding of this passage is that God chose Moses, because He knew Moses would be rejected. Why? For His glory! Another reason God chose Moses was because Moses was humble. What is my reason for thinking this? Read Isaiah 66:2

I know very little about the men you have mentioned. Were they humble, were they rejected?

If not, perhaps these reasons help explain why God chose to not enlighten them. I do know the in-dwelling Holy Spirit teaches us by discernment. I have already explained elsewhere on the board (see Conditional Perseverance) that the result of this teaching is what is called "spiritual maturity" or "perfecting the saints." We receive this teaching from the Holy Spirit as a result of our persevering through various trials of our faith (James 1:3,4). Without this teaching from the Holy Spirit, we are immature Christians aka "little children."
Thus, there are two types of believers. 1) Those who know the truth, aka those in light and 2) those who do not know the truth, aka those in darkness.
Perhaps those men you mentioned did not persevere through trials of their faith and therefore kept themselves in darkness.
Again, I don't know very much about these men, so I cannot say for sure this is the reason why God did not reveal the teaching to them.
Have you ever considered the possibility that God tried to teach them information by sending someone to them, but they rejected the messenger God sent?
Perhaps they rejected this messenger because he didn't teach as they taught, or didn't belong to the church they belonged to. Perhaps a false prophet came before and convinced them incorrect doctrine was true and they believed the false prophet.
I believe what I have described to you (how we receive understanding) is how John Bunyan was able to know all he knew about God, without having any worldly education. I think there's still a website for John Bunyan at or you can research him at your local library.
Are you aware that John Bunyan's book 'Pilgrim's Progress' is the second most sold book in the world behind the Bible? I've never read the book, perhaps you have and can give some further insight.
I pray this has helped you understand and hope I have answered your questions to your satisfaction.