If I am reading you correctly, you are just making a distinction between what would be termed an effectual call and a general call. The effectual call is given to all of God's elect and they will come to him in salvation. A general call is given to all men, as you note, but that call does not give salvation to all men. All men hear a general call, those elect from the larger group of "all men" will respond to the call, because attending that general call is God's effectual grace that changes the heart.

I think you are confusing the idea of God's general call with his saving grace. The two are to remain separate. When the Bible speaks of saving grace it is applied to those elect who then willfully come to God in salvation. That is why the Calvinists term it "irresistible." Those chosen for election cannot, nor will not, reject it. However, not all men receieve such grace so as to resist it as you suggest. I believe that is where we dissent from your understanding of grace. Arminianism have taught what is called prevenient grace; a grace given to all men that may or may not result in salvation depending upon the person's autonomous response of the will. That is a concept totally foreign from the Bible and why it is inaccurate to claim that Methodists are partially right; they are not, and in fact teach serious error with their notions of grace.

(addendum) I didn't catch your closing line the first time I posted. I believe I did ask God the right question with genuine faith and he answered me clearly from his word. Why would I still be confused about this? Why are you not?


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