Brother Fred,

I'm saying both Calvin and Arminius were each partially correct. Neither was completely correct.

The proof is in Scripture in Ephesians 1. I have given enough information about this to "Joe" so he can determine the truth of what I'm saying. I'm waiting for his answer to my question.

I have given you information as well, but you have not discerned the truth of my words or you have not asked the right questions of God in faith.

Either discernment through the teaching of the Holy Spirit or asking God in faith is the way to receive God's truth. You cannot learn God's truth by studying theology in divinity school or by attending seminary. He does not teach us in this manner. I know this because the Bible confirms this is the truth.

I have directed you to the example of John Bunyan for what I'm talking about, but you continually want to quote Calvinist Bible teachers who may or may not have learned by discernment or by asking God in faith.

I don't know much about the Bible teachers you want to follow, including John Calvin, but did ANY of them say they received their teaching by discernment only as John Bunyan. Or did they all go to college for their learning?