Brother Fred,

One step at a time. Have patience with me. You are not the only one asking me questions and to whom I am trying to respond as best as I can. Remember, we are brothers, Fred.

To answer most of these questions, I'd have to keep going over what I've said before, because the answer to most of your questions has to do with the correct exegesis of Ephesians 1.

My source for John Bunyan is the 'World Book Encyclopedia', which says, "In 1653 he joined a non-conformist church in Bedford and soon began to preach there. After the death of his first wife in 1656, Bunyan began to study the Bible. He was arrested four years later for preaching without a license and was put in jail in Bedford.
Bunyan was kept in prison for twelve years while he supported his family by making shoelaces. In his spare time he wrote religious books. After his release in 1672, he was appointed pastor of the Baptist Church in Bedford, but was again imprisoned for a short time. He wrote 'Pilgrim's Progress' during his second term in prison."

I believe the life of John Bunyan is evidence of someone receiving teaching by discernment through the Holy Spirit, as the result of perseverance through trials of his faith.

The fact he was put in prison for 12 years for preaching and then imprisoned again, convinces me Bunyan "persevered through trials of his faith." I don't think that's an unreasonable conclusion - do you?

If he did not receive the teaching by discernment, where did it come from, since he was in prison at the time he wrote his religious books? Also, Bunyan said it came by the teaching of the Holy Spirit. What reason do you have to think your brother, John Bunyan, was bearing false witness?

If he were lying about this issue, where did his doctrine come from, since by breaking 1 of the 10 commandments he would not have received the Holy Spirit to teach him and no mature Christian to train him while he was in prison?

Fred, where in Scripture does it say you are to go to college to get an education about God? This does not mean you cannot get correct doctrine from a mature Christian. I have already told you I got much of my training listening every day to Dr. MacArthur, reading his books, listening to his tapes and reading the books of other great Bible teachers like Dr. James M. Boice and Dr. Charles Feinberg.

However, the Holy Spirit CONFIRMS whether the training (which could be from an outside source such as a sermon, book, tape, etc,) you receive is correct or not -- at His own will, whenever He wishes and in whatever manner He wishes. Training is not the same as doctrine and I've already provided the definition of doctrine to you.

The Holy Spirit also CONFIRMS the truthfulness of the Word of God, teaches its meaning and provides its significance to believers whenever and however, He chooses.

If you go to and read what's there, you'll discover that John Bunyan stated he had very little education and he had forgotten nearly everything he had learned in school anyway.

I don't doubt you're correct about Bunyan going to college or reading his contempories' writings, but did he go to college and read those writings before or after he wrote his religious books and 'Pilgrims Progress'?

Please correct me if I'm wrong.