Show me when John Bunyan ever admitted he lied (bore false witness) and then repented, and you've proven your point.

Show me when anyone ever broke one of the ten commandments, did not repent, but was still saved, and you've proven your point.

A number of people think King David's and John Calvin's situations are similar. The difference is David admitted his guilt and repented. There has been no testimony of John Calvin ever openly admitting "sanctioning the burning of Servetus", AND later repenting his sin AND asking for forgiveness. Even if he did, it was definitely not prior to him writing his theology books on doctrine.

Nor do I know of any Calvinists openly admitting they are/were wrong, if they previously agreed with the burning of Servetus, but now repent their sin.

Perhaps we need an 'Alliance of Confessing Calvinists', who now admit the burning of Servetus was wrong. Does such a group exist?

Some try to compare the apostle Paul to John Calvin. Again, Paul repented before his writing Scripture and Calvin did not repent before writing his theology.

Forgiveness does not come without repentence. God hates sin, but He is merciful and forgiving to those who repent their sin.

If you want your sins forgiven, you must repent them and admit you are wrong. This applies to all sin. There are no exceptions to this rule.

I'm very surprised you think God might make some exception for John Calvin or why you would choose to defend him in this manner.

The issue is, "Did John Calvin sanction the burning of Michael Servetus?" The issue is not, "John Calvin sanctioned the burning of Servetus. Who cares, since David killed Uriah and Paul helped stone Steven."

We could make that the issue for discussion, IF you now agree Calvin probably sanctioned the burning of Servetus.

That way you won't have any more testimony brought out about Calvin's character. As long as you don't agree, I encourage more testimony from other RELIABLE sources. This is not a witch hunt. So far, the only witness testimony posted has been from Calvinists. Please keep it that way.